Reedwood Friends (Quaker) Church

Upcoming: Center for Christian Studies

The 2011 winter unit of CCS will begin on Wednesday, January 26th at 6:30pm and run through March 16.

The Question of God is a PBS special comparing the strikingly parallel writings of Christian thinker and writer C.S. Lewis and founder of psychoanalysis,Sigmund Freud. In this course, we will view segments of the video series in eight sessions with a discussion to follow based on the study guide (available online here). While there is many variations, some of which will provide a focus for each session, the overarching question we all struggle with is, “Does God really exist?”

John Price and Kara Newell will moderate the course.

C.S. Lewis

January 26 :: Transcendent Experience: Science or Revelation?

February 2 :: The Exalted Father

February 9 :: Why Believe?

Sigmund Freud

February 16 :: Miracles

February 23 :: Love Thy Neighbor

March 2 :: The Human Condition

March 9 :: Moral Law

March 16 :: Suffering and Death