Reedwood Friends (Quaker) Church

Upcoming: Wednesday, May 25

Two Soup Suppers until summer, Bob Smith speaks on ministry in Cuba in Christian Studies course…

We’re down to our last two Soup Suppers of the spring before turning to Summer Barbecues on the back lawn. There is no cost for dinner, but we ask that those who can afford it please consider giving a donation to help cover costs. Soup is served at 5:30 pm. Summer barbecues begin on June 8.

Bob Smith

Following Soup Supper we have a full slate of activities for children, youth, and adults. If you’re kids enjoy singing, consider signing them up for the Reedwood Community Children’s Choir. Youth meet in the Young Friends center at 6:30pm. There is also a silent and shared prayer meeting in room 120 behind the worship center. Right next door in room 121/122, CCS meets for last spring term course with Bob Smith sharing on ministry in Cuba. Both of those events also begin at 6:30pm.

June 8 is Summer Camp Promotion Night! Come with your kids and hear about the exciting summer opportunities of week-long camps at Reedwood, Tilikum, and Twin Rocks. Information on scholarships will also be shared.

If you have any questions about the aforementioned activities and events, please contact the Reedwood office at 503.234.5017 or email