Reedwood Friends (Quaker) Church

Upcoming: Sunday, June 12

Graduation Sunday: honoring our high school and collegiate graduates, Charlie Kidd shares message

The various semesters and trimesters across academia are coming to a close and that means that it is Graduation Sunday at Reedwood! This week we will take some time to honor our students who are graduating from high school, college, and graduate school and present them with a gift on behalf of the congregation. This year’s graduates are: Amanda Arrigotti (Gonzaga University), Brandon Baker (George Fox Evangelical Seminary, MA Spiritual Formation), Becca DeWhitt (George Fox University), Cameron DeWhitt (George Fox University), Charlie Kidd (Lakeridge HS), Susan Jordan (Graduate School, MAT), Katrina Lange (University of Puget Sound, Comparative Sociology), Kathleen Linhares (College), Kyle Linhares (College), Shannon Maschinchi (MST Mathematics), Simon Mashinchi (Clackamas HS), and  Stesha Mashinchi (Portland State University, BS Sociology).

Recent Lakeridge grad Charlie Kidd will share a message with the gathering this week. Charlie is headed to UC Berkley in the fall to study English. The handbell choir will play There is a Redeemer and youth Courtney Gallardo will sing Come Sing to the Lord. This Sunday should be a special event for our graduates and their families, we look forward to gathering with you!