Reedwood Friends (Quaker) Church

Upcoming: Sunday, July 24

Lucy Davenport and Cameron DeWhitt pair up to delve into the beatitudes; Monthly Meeting at Noon

They’re calling it When Grace Abounds; Lucy Davenport and Cameron DeWhitt will lead this Sunday’s gathering through meditations on Matthew 5 (the beatitudes). Lucy writes,

I write poems as a conversation with God about people and things I notice from daily life which show me the presence of the holy.  The poetry and music are a kind of prelude to open worship, and not a “performance” to be enjoyed.

These poems are meditations that came to me about specific events, as a way of entering into the experience of another person and holding them up to God’s care.  They seem to lead me naturally into the quiet place where I am ready to listen to God’s voice. I thought that offering them in the context of worship, with Cameron’s music, in a kind of dialogue between the poetry and the banjo, would help us to discover a new experience of centering together.  The words ask us to think, and the music helps us connect to our emotions, so we can more readily be present to God in open worship.

After the education hour, at noon, we with gather for Monthly Meeting for Business for Worship. Monthly Meeting is a time when we gather as a community to discern how God is leading us corporately. We seek Divine guidance over the decisions before us for the month. All are welcome to join, whether long time member or first time visitor. Please bring a brown-bag lunch.