Reedwood Friends (Quaker) Church

In Preparation for Meeting: January 8, 2012

Peace Month: This is Our Testimony

Cherice Bock

Cherice Bock is visiting Reedwood this weekend to share with our community as part of our Yearly Meeting-wide observation of Peace Month. Cherice is an adjunct professor at George Fox University and editor of Northwest Yearly Meeeting’s Peace Month daily reader for 2012. Cherice studied as an undergrad at George Fox and as a seminarian at Princeton. Speaking from Romans 12 and 13 as well as The Declaration to Charles II, she will be sharing a message entitled This is Our Testimony to the Whole World.

Below are some queries to help prepare your heart and mind for our meeting this Sunday:

How are you living out the Friends testimony of peace?

What does peace look like? What are the different ways in manifests in your daily life?