About Reedwood

What Does “A Christ-Centered Quaker Community of Ministers” Mean?

We are Christ-Centered

Rooted in biblical Christianity and acknowledging Jesus as the true head of our community.

We are a Quaker Community

Identifying with the Friends heritage of discipleship, equality, simplicity, peace, social concern, and decision-making by prayerful corporate discernment. We are part of Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends, in turn part of Evangelical Friends International.

We are a community of Ministers

All of us have our own voices, gifts and ministries. Our pastors encourage the spiritual gifts of all of us and seek to make those gifts active in our worship services and the work of the community. Through our life together in meetings for worship and business, in our committees and task groups, and in informal times together we try to help each other live in relationship with God and in the ethical consequences of that relationship.

How Reedwood is Organized

Most decisions affecting the Reedwood Friends community are made in monthly meeting at which all are welcome (visitors and committed members alike) to attend. These meetings are held most months on the fourth Sunday.

The presiding clerk (as Quakers call the presiding officer of our gatherings) exercises servant leadership over the meeting, as we all seek the will of God through prayer and discussion. Decisions are reached and recorded when substantial unity has been found. Normally, in the absence of such unity, decisions are deferred for further prayer and study.

Much of the work of the community is done in smaller groups. To read more about these committees and councils, CLICK HERE.

The church’s officers and elders are chosen through a nominations process and approved by the monthly meeting. Details are available in the Northwest Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice.

For Reedwood’s wider affiliations in the Quaker world, see About Quakers and Resources. For information on membership in Reedwood, contact any of the pastors.