Upcoming: Sunday, May 15

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Extended open worship highlights semi-programmed gathering…

The ides of May find Reedwood Friends gathering for a more unprogrammed meeting this Sunday. Karl Hutchinson will lead the praise band and the congregation in singing Holy Spirit We Are Open, God’s Plan, and They’ll Know We Are Christians. Clerk Pastor Ken Comfort will call us to worship and report on his recent trip to Kenya for John Wanjala’s funeral. The hymn For The Beauty of The Earth rounds out the beginning of our meeting.

Members of the congregation will read from Ephesians 4:1-16 as we enter into Open Worship. Open Worship is the quaker tradition of waiting in silence for Christ to move within us. As Quakers we recognize that Christ is our Present Teacher and we focus on how he is leading us. You may use this time to pray silently or to stand and share with the congregation if you feel God’s leading. For more information on the importance of Open Worship, visit this blog post.

After the offertory and announcements we will transition into Education Hour with the hymn This is My Song. Following the worship hour we have many Christian education courses available for people of all ages. From children to youth, as well as a forum class, Bible class, Christian wisdom class, and a parenting class (all offered for adults).

Worship hour commences at 9:30am. We hope to see you this Sunday!