In Preparation For Meeting: March 11, 2012

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“… Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement”

Our spring conversation on the letter of James moves forward this Sunday with a spoken message from pastor Ken Comfort on chapter two, verses one through thirteen entitled Pride and Prejudice. Ken has prepared the following queries for us to consider before meeting for worship this week:

What are some of the instances or areas of your life where prejudice seeped in?

Friend believe in equality of all people; Are we treating all people equally without catering to any one person or group of people? Do we give all people the same respect and care? Why do we consider some people “weightier” than others?

We have received mercy and grace freely from God; How have you shared God’s grace and mercy with others?

Our hymns for this week will be Let Your Heart Be Broken and Thou, Whose Purpose is to Kindle.

Meeting for worship begins at 9:30am.