Upcoming: Sunday, May 29

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InterVarsity’s Birch Rubens and students share, Monthly Meeting at Noon…

Reedwood’s facility has been abuzz with the passion and energy of an InterVarsity group this week. Gathering students from across the Pacific Northwest, InterVarsity has been hosting a Summit out of the Friendship Center. Birch Rubens and the students will share about their experience during worship in a conversation titled, Seeing the Strangers Among Us. The Reedwood Choir will sing Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Sine Nomine and Shirley Brendlinger will play For All The Saints for the offertory.

Following Education Hour, the congregation will gather for Monthly Meeting in the Friendship Center at Noon. Monthly Meeting is the short name for Monthly Meeting for Business for Worship. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s more than just a business meeting. For a short introduction on how Quakers make decisions and discern the Spirit’s leading, watch this VIDEO. Those attending Monthly Meeting (all are invited, guest and member alike) are asked to bring bread, sandwich fixings, and a dessert or chips.

We hope to see you this Sunday!