Children’s Ministries

We offer many wonderful opportunities for families with small children. Our goal is offer age-appropriate programs that help children develop a strong foundation of faith in Christ.



Children are invited to gather with the community in worship from 10 am until 10:30 am. At this point, parents will have the option to have their young children (up to 3rd grade) transition to Children’s worship in the education wing.

Children’s worship runs from 10:30 am-11 am and includes singing, a story, and some spiritual ‘wondering’ about what God is saying to us. At 11 am children transition to education hour, which includes arts & crafts, games, snack, and a story. We’d love for your children to come join us as we learn more about God and each other.


kids2Wednesday is also has opportunitiesĀ for children. Following our 4th Day Feast, children are invited to take part in a class upstairs in the education wing from 6:30-8pm. While in this class, your children will have the choice to participate in the Reedwood Community Children’s Choir. Our children’s choir is divided into two age groups that meet from 7-8pm.

Child Abuse Prevention Policy

Reedwood Friends follows the Northwest Yearly Meeting’s Child Abuse Prevention Policy. You can view this policy on the NWYM website by clicking this link.

If you would like more information or have questions about Children’s Ministries, please contact the main office at 503.234.5017 or capi[at]