Youth Gathering

photo by Melvin Gaal

Our Hope:

That everyone who we encounter in the Reedwood Youth Community will have an opportunity to share and be heard. There are plenty of ways that we try to express ourselves: facebook, twitter, email, text message, youtube, and many more. Yet, we often aren’t really heard. At Reedwood, we want share a space in which you can express yourself and be listened to.


We come together at Reedwood twice per week, Sunday at 11am and Wednesday at 6:30pm.

(Don’t know where we are? Let google lead the way).

On Sundays, we gather to discuss spirituality, Jesus, and the sacred stories of the Hebrew and Greek texts as well as our own tradition (Quakers). The purpose of this time is to explore what we believe and how that affects our daily lives.

photo by Brandon Baker

On Wednesdays, we come together to play games, share about what’s important to us and support one another. We also spend time praying for one another and connecting with God through various spiritual practices. Once a month on Wednesdays, we have a game night dedicated to tabletop games like Munchkin, Settlers of Catan, Dominion, and many more. Game Night is typically the fourth Wednesday of the month.

The only requirements to gather with us are that we respect and listen to one another. Join us and be heard.

photo by Mike Kelley


You might also want to join us for our monthly HOMEpdx night. HOMEpdx is a church community in Portland for people who live outside on the streets. Once a month, on a Tuesday night, we meet up with our friends in Pioneer Square to share a picnic and dessert. It’s a great time of fellowship and learning from one another. Contact Brandon for additional details. HOMEpdx Night is typically the second Tuesday of the month.

If you have any questions or just need someone to listen, you can contact student ministries in any of the following ways:

email: studentmin[at]
office phone: 503.234.5017 x14